Pacific Air Releases New Album, Stop Talking, On Republic Records and New Single “Move” | Featured on VH1, Yours Truly, Teen Vogue, CMJ, ELLE Magazine, Huffington Post, EARMILK, Hypetrak, American Songwriter, Listen Before You Buy, Mostly Junkfood, Crack In The Road, The Wild Honey Pie, Indie Current, Hilly Dilly, Indie Shuffle, Sunset In The Rearview, Hand Clap Movement, Your Music Radar, Kollection, The Burning Ear

MP3: Pacific Air “Move”
Video: Pacific Air “Float”
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The origin of Pacific Air is not your typical band of brothers story. Yes, they are two brothers who also happen to be in a band but without a destination, Ryan (24) and Taylor (20) were perpetually on the move. Relocating twice a year along the West Coast until finally settling in Southern California when Ryan was 16, the Lawhons have the luxury of never experiencing winter, just eternal sunshine.  When they were young, the precocious siblings took an early interest in their mother’s record collection. Growing up on Ray Lynch, Laurie Anderson, and Enya, the Lawhons were undoubtedly influenced by the nurturing groove of ‘90s new age. However, they also possess an uncaged childlike aura akin to more contemporary auteurs like Andrew Bird, Michael Angelakos, and Trevor Powers. Taylor pinpoints their sound as “peaceful yet energetic”, a visceral dichotomy that bridges decades of music therapy. First they were KO KO, named after a dream boat the brothers were eyeing, much like in the OC when Seth names his boat after his dream girl, Summer. They never got KO KO, the boat or the hot drink, but instead they became KO KO, the band. Although they had to eventually change their name to Pacific Air for legal reasons, it came to embody their inspiring, youthful persona. Despite his attachment to the name KO KO, Ryan admits, “Pacific Air further displays not just where we are, but who we are right now.” With guidance from producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia), Pacific Air is finally releasing their debut album, Stop Talking. A contemporary meditation on timeless indie pop, the eleven tracks form an escapist archipelago that’s mood-alteringly blissful, inviting you to share the warmth of it’s private islands. Their nomadic upbringing inevitably helped steer their anxious upbeat attitude, infused with rose-tinted nostalgia, invigorating melodies, and hypnotic whistles. The Lawhon brothers can only make music that goes places. It’s in their blood.


"True to its name, the song makes the listener want to do just that, move. The brother duo have a bright future ahead of them with their fairly old song "Float" still getting more and more well-deserved attention. Hopefully, "Float" acts as a gateway so that their new music can reach even more ears."
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"Prepare to do some white-boy dancing"
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"Little Daylight, a Brooklyn-based trio, gets one of their debut singles, “Name in Lights,” remixed by Pacific Air. The result is at once magical and anxious, darkly rhythmic and like a wry smile on your anxious face"
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"sweet vocals and even sweeter dance moves. They never faltered while playing…Still on the high of releasing their debut album, Stop Talking, just a week ago, the band’s theatrics only added to their vibrant synth-pop sounds."
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"a thrilling moment when a new band is poised on the precipice of breakout success. What’s astounding is just how fast Pacific Air arrived there"
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"New York City has no shortage of incredible bands, awesome music venues, and underground indie shows, but until Governors Ball kicked off a few years ago, the city never really had a music festival to call its own"
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"Pacific Air opened with an overly earnest set that recalled a Passion Pit-esque vibe"
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"take listeners on an adventure across the Pacific coast, drawing inspiration from the iconic landscapes along the way"
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"This group of skinny-jean-and-tattoo-clad musicians looked exactly like any other indie band you’d see playing at a bar, but they turned out to be one of the night’s best surprises…They ended their set with their popular single “Float,” an infectious, breezy tune that personifies the mellow-ness of summer."
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"The Lawhon-brother duo have an innate talent for making upbeat, catchy songs that try their hardest to make the sun shine. “Float” is, after all, the ultimate summer jam. “Lose My Mind” isn’t too shabby either"
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"Brotherly love has paid off for these two — with the help of a remix done by Ra Ra Riot, they’re on the rise with a debut album coming out on May 14, sure to bring us more breezy falsetto."
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"With producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia), the album is an 11 track dream of contemporary meditation. Full of the sun-kissed California pop, hypnotic melodies, wave-crushing synths and balmy melodies, Stop Talking will drench your pop pallette in sensory bliss"
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"When it comes to writing catchy hooks, and future stadium ready anthems, there are few bands around doing it better."
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"carries more energy than what were used to hearing from this West Coast band, yet they never lose their breezy, infectious vibe along the way."
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“Move” is their newest jams and a perfect example of how these dudes are growing in great ways. Handclaps and fingersnaps build to an exhilarating ”Woaaaah!” that I can’t help but get pumped for every time.”
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"Well — in a nutshell, “Move” is way more upbeat. And it’s still poppy. And still catchy. Certainly nothing beats a good whistle, but this new single comes close to achieving the same.”
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“Lose My Mind” was proof of a focused band on the rise. Now, “Move” is the game-changer. Equal parts catchy and personal, this is a perfect summer jam for you and your friends”
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Red Bull Music Academy features Ana Lola Roman on a comprehensive documentary titled “Rough Around The Edges” along with Nicolas Jaar and Blood Orange/ Featured on XLR8R, VIBE, Ad Hoc, The Daily Swarm, Red Bull, Dangerous Minds, Mix Magazine, Rawthentix, and In The Mix, The 405, Big Stereo, Wonderland Magazine, Do Androids Dance

Video: Ana Lola Roman “Rough Around The Edges”
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After touring various parts of South America, Eastern Europe and Germany, Ana Lola Roman now resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, producing a steady stream of EPs over the past two years and prepping to release her first full-length album, Even Assassins Have Lovers and Romances, scheduled for Spring 2013. Ana Lola Roman has been an accomplished pianist since age 6. The born and bred Oklahoma -Spaniard broke out of her small town and ran to NYC for ‘journalism and political science school’ while constantly writing, recording, singing, playing wherever she went. Early on as she began to write music, she purposefully invoked a feeling of walls crumbling, revolution, worlds forming, and futures turning. Her sound atmospheres and intense grooves that Roman composes are generated by drum machines, pianos, bass guitar, 808’s, tape recorders, real-time samples, and synthesizers which Ana programs herself. Ana Lola Roman is a songstress, but don’t call her a singer. She is a songwriter, but she doesn’t compose ballads. She isn’t concerned with buying infamy; she would like to earn her fame. Her music may be difficult to describe. She is the first to admit it—in fact, she embraces it. The dystopian qualities of the modern world are of interest to her, and through her work she explores the roles that alienation and unease play in our society. Influenced by flamenco and Federico García Lorca, Ana’s Spanish roots are evident in her music, which she defines as “henna-pop.”


"New York has always inspired new generations of artists to push music forward. Rough Around The Edges sheds light on the relationship between the city and the people who live in it, and showcases some of those who are breaking past those boundaries today. More than a comprehensive documentary about the scene and its key figureheads, it’s an exploration of how the creation of art is inevitably connected to its direct circumstances"
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"The various movers and shakers wax philosophical about their city and its wide range of music and artists, contemplating what makes New York the international force of taste and culture that it is.
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"She’s talented and beautiful, funny and smart. Has the looks of a silent movie star, a Louise Brooks in a Pabst film, with a hint of Audrey Hepburn, via Maria Callas and and Frida Kahlo"
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"The energy soda overlord combined some consummately annoying visuals with pertinent commentary by local dance music heroes for a short that is quite on point, if a bit truistic at moments."
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In the documentary, Jaar says: “There’s something about finding yourself through exhaustion. And New York is such an exhausting city. This is why I can make music here, I can really push myself to do maybe unhealthy things.”
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"Directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Will Calcutt, Rough ‘Around the Edges’ features interviews with aspiring musicians as they leave their footprint in the ever-changing scene of the New York underground"
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"capturing the magic and excitement surrounding New York City’s underground electronic music scene…the mini-doc examines why the Big Apple continues to be an inspirational hub for experimentation, and what makes this new wave of artists worth a closer look."
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The 405 captures a day in the life of performer/musician/performance artist the day of Ana Lola Roman EP Release: “I started out in a jolt. I had a list of things to do as I knew that night was going to be filled with music press, as well as guests from the art world and fashion world”
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"Throw some Little Dragon, Yoko Ono, and Siouxsie Sioux in a cauldron and you got yourself a potion ready to destroy everything in sight. Her ‘Keep It Mellow’ EP came out last month and the three songs pack a punch"
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"the likes of Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange), Nicolas Jaar, Venus X, Ana Lola Roman, and other figures in New York’s underground scene. Great, quick look into what makes them tick, and how they see the NY scene."
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Violetness Releases Debut EP, Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking To You, on Lebenstrasse Records, New Single “The Mighty Moss” / Featured on The Line Of Best Fit, No Fear Of Pop, YVYNYL, The Bleader, The 405, BANANA

MP3: Violetness “The Mighty Moss”
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Beautifully intriguing, Chicago’s very own indie songstress Violetness is half Peruvian, and a California native, debuting her first EP titled “Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking To You” on LebensStrasse Records. The thing that sets Violetness apart from other female songwriters is her impacting and staggering voice. Her vocals pop, shimmer, bamboozle, and tap every raw emotional instinct. Her sound is a nonpareil blend of indigenous drum tones, splattering arrays of jostling techno blaze, and a distinct flow, which will keep every listener intrigued. Skating away from today’s uniform intonation, Violetness strikes a chord much like a Roman Polansky film. Artful, mysterious, challenging, and in the end outright captivating. Whether it is a dance out end or a hush-lustful beginning her songs enter one’s mind and soul with the intent to shake. Having seen her transform from a pianist tapping into minimal jazz tones to tribal bangers, then finally into a hodge-podge of the best of both this single-track sums up the new style(s) and path she’s traveling - John Matthew Simon


"The raw emotion exuded from Violetness lends to a gorgeous erraticism. Wild effects and restrained words combine with dramatic layers to create a sound best fit for a packed auditorium of onlookers. We see a bright future ahead for young star."
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"the all-too brief yet utterly wonderful work has just received another accompanying video, this time for sweeping, defiant and exalted outré pop anthem "The Mighty Moss". The video, directed by Rodrigo Melendez with a stunning performance by Silvia Kaehler, is as unsettling as it is bold and apposite"
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"gorgeous, haunting track…She’s back now another equally foggy daydream that’s condensing, thick on your bathroom mirror.”
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"intro teeters between lonesome purrs & teakettle whistles, and then a cluster of harmonies swoops in to detonate in an unshakeable, cathartic hook. Eerie reverb wraps Upson’s vocals, & thumping tribal drums anchor it to the bridge"
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"It thumps and thwacks like a fickle tempest, with rumbling bass and shards of glassy pop – it’s an accomplished EP from a singer with the chops and clout to rival Charlotte Church’s reinvention or Grimes’ premiere effort."
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Los Angeles ‘West Coast Love Fuzz’ Band, Cotillon, Releases New Single “The Light” and White Flowers EP | Featured on NYLON Magazine, Spinner, Buzz Bands, Best New Bands, The Deli, Lo-Pie, 365 Days In L.A., Just Because, and Los Angeles I’m Yours

MP3: Cotillon “Talk To Her” 
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With their fathers halcyon 60’s surf tales serving as inspiration, Cotillon took their van down to Tijuana to try and rekindle some of that stoke. From what they were able to remember, in no particular order…beer, waves, tequila, federales, mariachis, dancers, donkeys, a healthy dose of pyschedlics, drinkable water (or lack thereof), dogs, donkeys that looked like zebras, pot, presecription meds, mariachis, and street kids. What the and came away with - besides a parasite, a splitting headache, and no wallet - serve as the basis for six new songs forming Cotillon’s newest effort. Recorded live over two unseasonably warm days in Elysian Heights - the White Roses EP.


"It’s an ode to partying (“Oh no I’m feeling really tired again / So we cut it up in lines so we could chase our endless love of summertime”), punctuated by stop-start drums and undulating guitars. If The Wonders hailed from Hawthorne, California instead of Erie, Pennsylvania, and dropped acid on the regular they might sound something like this. Which, in my world, is the highest of compliments."
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Spinner features Cotillon’s “Talk To Her”: ”I fought the law and the law one.” states guitarist Zach Miller.
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"Cotillon went off to Mexico, had an adventure and lived to tell about it; it’s that the L.A. trio survived all the "beer, waves, tequila, Federales, mariachis, dancers, donkeys, drinkable water (or lack thereof), dogs, donkeys that looked like zebras, pot, prescription meds, mariachis, and street kids" to make a sharp new EP"
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"Nothing is more fitting from a Los Angeles trio that self-describes itself as “West Coast Love Fuzz” and “Flower Punk” than a music video that looks like it came straight out of the ‘80s"
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"The sound of White Roses is a bit like more psyched out and Allah-Las since there is a lot more reference to rough beachy rock. There is a great deal more production skill which you hear right out the gates"
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"‘White Roses’ is equal parts nostalgia, peyote-drenched romanticism, laissez-faire francophilia, and post-post-modern anxiety"
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"Whatever it is, Cotillon hit that beautiful line that I all too often talk about between happy and sad. Tumultuous in all the right ways. NASTY good"
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VIMES Releases Single “House of Deer” on Rough Trade & Humming Records | Featured on Noisey, XLR8R, Spinner, Gold Sweatshirt, Rooms Magazine, Winnie Cooper, Gold Flake Paint, Kids In Reverse, Nicky Digital, Pony Dance Clyde and more

MP3: VIMES “House Of Deer” 
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Arising from Cologne, Germany’s mecca of techno music, VIMES have gained international recognition for their unique electronic, yet organic sound and a stirring visual live set made for dancing to and falling in love with - seamlessly combining live instruments with digital elements and blending their deep mesmerizing sound with uplifting pop elements and fragile though vivid vocals. The band is currently working on their debut album with producer Jochen Naaf (Lady Gaga) and are set to release new material early 2013 via Rough Trade/Humming Records


"A lot of musicians just publicly stated how much they love Cologne‘s electronic duo VIMES, like Chilly Gonzales, who describes himself as a "VIMES fan". Or Hot Chip who brought VIMES as a support for their Central America tour last year. But you know what? We don‘t give a fuck. Even if Madonna would announce that she never does a bikram session without listening to VIMES, we don’t care"
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"There’s always room in our playlist for some pristine electronic pop, particularly when it’s as well executed as Vimes"
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'House Of Deer' is probably our fine line between a song and a track. We really like playing it live, because it does reveal organic and emotional facets our drummer is able to elevate.”
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"their eclectic mixture of pop and techno already made it out of local fame and into the world. Scenes from the new collage-like clip include a performance in Mexico City, for example. Clearly a band on the rise and you can convince yourself right here from this thesis"
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"electronic music that approaches techno without ever really hitting that techno axis, kind of like those differential equation graphs that you make with your TI-89 titanium in your spare time if you’re a nerd"
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"Regardless of where you hear the song, on a loud sound system in a dark but colourful club or at home chilling out with friends after a night of mischief, Vimes’s House of Deer will no doubt leave you tapping your toes to the sound of their music"
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"‘House of Deer’ showcases haunting vocals and discorded chimes that merge with familiar click-and-pop beats; and it’s all draped over homemade tour videos and slo-motion ice skating"
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"Though not wildly know yet, I’m quite certain 2013 will be their year. Dreamy vocals, organic soundscapes, combining digital sounds with real instruments… It must be an experience to see these guys live"
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